Saturday, July 31, 2010

It may sound frou-frou, but...

My baby = Unconditional love

...I've found in my life that love is always the answer whenever I find myself challenged in any way.

And I'm not talking about romance or saying "I love you" to people we barely know just to create the feeling of closeness where we want it to be.
I'm talking more along the lines of compassion and acceptance.

...not forcing myself to feel these for a person or situation when it doesn't quite come naturally; rather, connecting with how compassion and acceptance feel to me, and allowing that to wash over any other thing I was feeling prior.

If you've heard of "Ho'oponopono," it's similar to what I'm talking about here. Go right ahead and explore the concept if it resonates with you, or uplifts you.

When you exude light, you have a greater awareness of, and openness towards, the good and the gifts all around and within you. Even when challenges show up, you know that they can be overcome one way or another, and I see this quality in the people I admire.
I'll be back when inspiration hits. In the meantime, I wish you well and all the best!