Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dispelling Some Myths About Psychic Abilities

Shooting some of the footage for the "How to Give An Angel Card Reading" kit with Doreen Virtue in 2005.

I'd like to clarify some misconceptions about being psychic.

In my over ten years of being a professional intuitive, I've encountered people who thought that developing their spiritual skills would be a waste of time, based on their perceptions of those who claim to be psychic.

After all, if you read the life stories of the most successful intuitives and mediums, you will see how very challenged in life many of them have been at one point or another. This leads skeptics to question just how real these personalities' professed abilities are, as they appear to be unable to help themselves while stating they can assist others.

Have you ever experienced dabbing on some perfume and forgetting all about it, only to be told much later in the day that you smell good? This is comparable to not being able to see or sense everything about yourself despite having relatively well-developed psychic abilities--we aren't aware of everything about ourselves because we've become oblivious to a great part of our personal reality. A lot of the time we may be too emotionally invested in the outcomes we desire, and this interferes with how objective we are about our personal lives.

Besides, having a strong psychic sense does not guarantee that you see or know everything. One very popular misconception people have about intuitives is that they can see all there is to see. This is an assumption that may very well have been perpetuated by movies and TV shows.

While psychics can certainly tune in to anything, the actual information received and the way the psychic interprets it are another matter altogether. This explains why unfavorable occurrences are still a part of an intuitive's experiences in life.

You can be guided towards what you are ready to see; this is why you may receive a warning about some events but not others.

However, there are times in life when the only way left for us to learn is to fall flat on our faces. When this happens, it isn't because your abilities have failed you or the Universe is being harsh on you--on the contrary, if you've gotten to this point, there may have been numerous signs and messages nudging you to take the necessary steps vital to your well-being. If you have ignored these though, the energy that has built up with no outlet for expression has to manifest as something stronger (imagine a raging river that breaks down the barricade that was holding it back), hence your knock on the head.

On a soul level, we may also set up painful experiences to resolve karma or to help us understand certain things about ourselves we may not otherwise explore. See, having a strong intuitive sense doesn't automatically shield one from getting hurt.

The good news is, we don't have to continue along the path of pain once we've allowed our awareness to grow, and this is where nurturing our sensitivity to Spirit comes in handy. Having clarity on the inner workings of our lives helps us comprehend what is necessary to shift our perspective.

And you know what else is a misconception regarding psychic ability?

Being psychic isn't limited to a special few. Whether or not intuition was a part of your childhood, you can choose to acknowledge and develop it now. It's a natural part of who you are. Science is finally catching up to metaphysics, and with a little research you can find more and more empirical proof of psychic abilities. (See my previous entry on the subject by clicking on this link. Read this article to learn more about spiritual abilities and the brain.)

Regardless of where you personally stand on the matter, I am not here to convince anyone of my truth; I am just a messenger for those who share the same path but might need a bit of encouragement to move forward.

Until next time, love your life and allow your life to love you. Keep yourself open to all the good that is your birthright, including the spiritual guidance that will help you realize: You're more than just the five senses.

Maybe it's about time you began keeping a journal of your experiences with intuition...?

All my best,

Doreen Virtue

Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Just wanted to let you know that you can also find me on eHow.com as the Beauty Tips Topic Editor.

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