Thursday, January 28, 2010

In the meantime, we can meet up on Facebook

A still from one of the mini videos I've been filming while in between homes. View the video here.

Because I have moved out of my previous home and won't be at my new one 'til early February, I find myself in a rather awkward situation. Most of my belongings are in storage, while what I do have with me is in my brother's room--where I've been sleeping until I leave--or in the van that my sweetheart drives to get us almost everywhere.

While I have no objections to these very temporary living conditions, I also am not as able to film videos for my YouTube channel as readily as I was in the past, so I guess the anticipation for new vlogs is building up on me and here I am posting a blog entry to help manage some of that excitement. I am so eager to make use of the resources where I will be living in just a few days from now, and you'll know what I mean once I show you what I am talking about. Care to make any guesses as to what I am referring to? Hahaha!

This is just a little "hello" from me to you, but while I am here, let me tell you as well about a new way we can network. Feel free to join "Your Most Beautiful Life Now" on Facebook, which is managed by life coach Ivy Rose, who I work with since our principles are very closely aligned.

Okey dokey, stay tuned for way different YouTube videos from me very shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day and make the most out of life!

Below is a video version of my "hey there" to you all:

♥ and ☮,