Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting (More) Creative on YouTube

Photo of my Kristen Stewart-Style Makeup on YouTube, the video for which you can view here

I am so thrilled to be making improvements to my YouTube channel!

As I write this I am still in the planning stages, but feel like I can't wait for the changes to be in effect already. After all, being perfectionistic is one of my personality traits; while I don't want to let that stop me from getting anything done, I feel like my world is a little better when I can allow my artistry (sometimes also known as "sense of control" hahahahaha!) to be ever present down to the so-called little things in life.

Since my YouTube channel has been serving as an outlet for creative expression--another highly vital part of my Earthly existence--I will be making the experience as rich and pleasant as I possibly can as time goes by. This way, it will be beneficial for me as I exercise my creativity, and will be more enjoyable for viewers as well.

It's a surprise at the moment exactly what I will be doing, but I hope and pray that I will have started "Your Most Beautiful Life" version 2 on YouTube before 2009 ends.

Let's just say for now that you can expect a great deal more color, lots more texture and an overall more professional feel to the videos as we go along. Maybe not all at once, but this is the direction I intend to be moving along in.

In the meantime, I will continue making videos, switching elements up a little bit here and there as I evolve in my video editing skills and get more ideas. Let me leave you for now with a video I worked really hard on just so it would produce a decent thumbnail for you to click on (I am not a YouTube partner yet as I write this, but I will be soon enough and can finally pick which thumbnails to go with my videos instead of choosing from only three that YouTube churns out--I am thankful to all who watch my videos and have subscribed to my channel; your doing so speeds up the journey towards YouTube partnership).

Presenting my "Megan Fox-Style Makeup Application" how-to video:

(This blog has been ready for about a day now actually, as I've been waiting for my final version of the video to come through especially for this entry.)

I will see you again soon. Look for me on if you want more updates and uploads on a regular basis. Do subscribe for FREE too while you're over there, and you'll catch my promised exciting changes. Thank you for joining me here today!