Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gothic Lolita and Hints for My Next Makeup Tutorial

While I normally do makeup tutorials that are closer to what can be called "conventionally pretty," I nevertheless enjoy a little bit of variety, hence the latest video I've posted on my YouTube channel.

To anyone who's been waiting for something with a Gothic flavor from yours truly, here is a dark Little Girl Lost sort of makeup look you might enjoy, or can at least use for inspiration in creating your own vampy look. Come October, when many will be getting ready for costume parties or are gearing up to go Trick or Treating, I may post at least one tutorial with a mood similar to this one's, although it will be more theatrical and dramatic, of course. (Click HERE if you want to see videos from my Costume Makeup how-to playlist.)

As for those who'd rather reserve the black lipstick for Halloween or never, don't fret; the next video I have in mind has a much lighter feel than this one.

I'm not going to post photos this time to leave you any clues because I'm sure some of you will know immediately what I'm going for, which I as usual want to keep a surprise until the video has at least been filmed.

What I am telling you though, is that I am using a hair color I have never ever worn in my entire life to help add pizazz to the video. You certainly don't have to change your hair color to make the next look I am doing work for you, so all you have to do until next time is sit tight if you're on the lookout for new beauty and makeup tips and techniques!

I'll be back soon!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sexy Pirate Part Two?

Last Halloween (2009), I was requested to do a pirate look by someone who was searching for the makeup to go with her costume. I was feeling inspired, and filmed the instructional video for it the very next day.

It was a hit during the season (thanks for suggesting it to begin with, Lynn!), getting the most views any YouTube post of mine had ever gotten, and so soon after I put it up too.

Now it's nowhere near Halloween as I write this, but about a week or a week and a half ago, I noticed that my "Sexy Pirate Costume Party Makeup" video had out of nowhere once more shot to the top of my most-viewed list. It didn't creep back up the list--it was at number one just like that.

And that got me thinking... Perhaps I should post a second version of the look come Halloween. It appears to be pretty popular, so anyone who enjoys the "Sexy Pirate" look will have two options to choose from on my channel.

I'm so excited for Halloween! That time last year was when I started filming more makeup videos because I was having such a blast playing with looks we normally wouldn't wear outside of a costume party. I look forward to another All Hallows' Eve fun time on YouTube this year, with videos that I'll make sure are at least a step up from last year's.

Stay tuned... ;)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Would you come join me in L.A. for a fun day of beauty?

If I set up an inner and outer beauty workshop and informed you about it way ahead of time, would you be interested in attending?

While I have yet to finalize the agenda for just such an event, I plan on it being very informative and entertaining.

Also, what I mean by "inner and outer beauty" in case you wanted some clarification, is that the workshop won't focus solely on makeup application tips and the like. Metaphysical and spiritual (these are non-denominational, if you're coming across my work for the first time through this blog entry) activities to help you get in touch with yourself will also be included.

Depending on how things unfold from here on out, I very well could simply divide the workshop into two sections--one for Inner Beauty, the other for Outer Beauty. Thus attendees can conveniently decide if they want to participate in both or just one of the two.

After all, very soon now my sweetheart and I will be taking hypnotherapy training, the results of which we would like to share with those of you who are interested in a deeper exploration of your psyche. I also have a very dear life coach friend I'll be working in conjunction with to bring you a richer and more textured "Your Most Beautiful Life" experience.

See how there's a lot of ground to cover or possibly break down here for a workshop or a couple different ones even?

I know that eventually there will have to be a variety of workshops to accommodate all these offerings, but for starters, I'm really excited to bring you an event that introduces the gist of what I, my sweetheart, and my soul sister-friend are passionate about and would love to share with YOU!

I'll get back to you with specifics when I can, but you most certainly can let me know starting now if there's a chance you'll be at one of my upcoming events in 2010.

Looking forward to spending a fun day with you,

Me and the attendees of a workshop I facilitated in the Philippines in 2005

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can I do your makeup, pretty please with whipped cream on top?! :)

Since I was little, I've loved beauty, glamour and The Arts.

In terms of expression during those much younger days, I particularly enjoyed sketching designs of outfits I came up with in my head, applying crayon makeup to Barbie and her friends in my coloring books, and wearing a different hairstyle to school everyday.

Some people thought these loves and behaviors of mine were weird and/or impractical, but my enjoyment of lovely things and the process of creating them remains to this day, and I embrace them with all of my heart!

After all, whether you and I share the same interests or not, we can coexist on this planet as long as we make it a point to never infringe on anyone else's rights or free will.

What's more, we can pretend to be someone other than who we really are inside, but that won't make our personal truth go away. For instance, I've played up other sides of myself--such as the intellectual, the mystic, the nerdy bookworm, the rebel, et cetera, et cetera--in the past to cover up both the artist and the beauty lover, but I eventually ended up feeling like a big fat walking lie.

...and I can't live like that. The voice of my Authentic Self has always been too loud for me to ignore.

In my experience, there were challenges in the beginning when I chose the path of being true to myself regardless of who would approve or disapprove, but you know, the disapproving ones disappeared from my personal reality the more comfortable I became with no longer having to hide who I am and what I fancy. In other words, the people surrounding me and, more importantly, my reactions to their reactions were all just reflecting back to me where I stood at the moment. Once I had no more need of certain reminders or life lessons, the people and experiences who were there for me to test out my responses to these automatically went away so they were no longer part of my life... OR they seemed to change so that I could actually enjoy them instead of being rubbed the wrong way by them.


All that said, can I do your makeup pretty please?! :)

Whether you enjoy experimenting with makeup to enhance your natural beauty, or as a smoke and mirrors way to create different looks, I invite you to come play with me as Lea, the makeup artist.

If you need some help with looking extra stunning for a special occasion--like a wedding, huge movie premiere, prom or other party where pictures are going to be taken liberally throughout the event--I would love, love, LOVE to do your makeup!

If you've never seen my work before, you can go to my YouTube channel, to view some makeup tutorials created with love. If you like what you see and don't want to miss future videos, make sure you subscribe as there's so much more to come over there. For quicker updates, feel free to join me on Facebook as well:

And if you decide you want your makeup done by me or want my assistance with personalized lessons so you can learn how to do your own makeup flatteringly and with a professional touch, I invite you to get in touch with me HERE and I look forward to using your face as a canvas for one of the most enjoyable arts I've ever indulged in!

I currently work out of my own location, which is in Los Angeles, CA, so keep that in mind prior to setting up our makeup playdate.

All my best,

If you've never heard of me before but happened to stumble across this blog post and are curious about my background, here is my brief bio as it appeared on one of my Beauty Editor's pages:

I have been a professional makeup artist and instructor since 2004; however, my passion for beauty goes all the way back to childhood, which is when I began educating myself on the subject. Aside from facilitating one-on-one sessions and workshops on makeup and beauty, I also maintain a beauty blog and write articles that have been published online. I have worked in locations such as the Philippines, New Jersey, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. You can find me as well at

Monday, February 22, 2010

When Things Don't Go Your (Ego's) Way AND Modern Pin-Up Makeup Tips

Today, I spent about an hour recording my latest makeup tutorial.

It was supposed to be a modernized version of pin-up girl makeup inspired by Katy Perry.

...but alas, my camera did not record the video properly and now I don't have any footage to share with viewers and subscribers of my YouTube channel who want to recreate such a look. Oh, well!

I'll tell you what then; I do have pictures of the finished product, so I'll at least post some of them to give you an idea of what you can do to create your own version of makeup for today's pin-up girl. The main differences between this and vintage pin-up makeup are that the lower lid is defined here but not in the original style, and the cheeks and lips are a more playful pink hue rather than the deeper red or somewhat coral-red favored by models and starlets who wore the look in days past.

Here's a brief breakdown of the makeup you see in the photos below:

The eyebrows are well-defined, with a strong arch. The eyes are rimmed with black eyeshadow lifted slightly at the outer corners to create something of a cat eye.

On the crease and slightly above it, silver eyeshadow--or any other similar shade you fancy--makes the eyelid glisten. Strip false eyelashes on the top lash line open up the eyes and add to the flirtiness of the look.

A light. soft pink adorns both the cheeks and the lips. The complexion is mattified so as to give the wearer a fresh and polished appearance.

I would've loved to post a tutorial on this look for my viewers who enjoy videos of the sort. However, sometimes things that keep us from proceeding as originally planned do happen, and the sanest response to me is just to let go and move on from where you are, with what you have.

There probably won't be a how-to video from me on this exact same look since the inspiration I felt for it all went into the filming of the tutorial I made today. If you've already experimented with basic pin-up makeup however, you shouldn't be challenged when playing with this look since it's just a couple of changes away from the classic one.

Thank you for joining me for this blog post. I told you not too long ago that I'd be back soon--and so I will again!

Wishing you good night from my corner of the world,

♪ "The times, they are a-changin..." ♬

Yesterday I went to Universal Studios Hollywood after almost five years since my last visit.

To me, it isn't just a theme park--I am deeply fascinated with and drawn to Old Hollywood history, so this property to me is about more than just going on rides.

Although... you know what?

I went on the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster and oh, man...!

Let's get this clear: I am not a roller coaster fan to begin with; the only reason I went on this particular one was because I'd been on it in the past after hearing it wasn't so bad, and had a very smooth experience on it. I didn't feel like I was going to get thrown off or like I was being dragged around very forcibly.

Yesterday however, was a different story.

Not only was the attraction slightly, but noticeably, bumpier since I'd last been on it, if I remember correctly they've changed the harness that comes down over the shoulders to hold riders securely in place into that lap bar that is positioned between the legs instead.

If they indeed did, that would explain the sensation that came over me the moment the ride picked up speed and proceeded into the sharp dips that I find most terrifying on roller coasters.

The first time I went on the ride in 2005, I went to Universal by myself yet I wanted to get right back on Revenge of the Mummy since I didn't experience the usual uneasiness that swirls in my stomach when I'm on a fast-paced thrill ride. Yesterday though, my sweetheart was right beside me and even held my hand throughout the trip through Imhotep world, but that I'm-gonna-get-tossed-off-of-this-ride feeling was there.

Even The Simpsons attraction that took the place of the awesome Back to the Future ride has more violent motions and wilder, trippier visuals than its predecessor.

I bet that Universal founder Carl Laemmle (he founded the company in 1912) didn't have any idea it all would be what it is today!

While I'm not complaining--I'm merely observing--I find it interesting to ponder that if these are all supposed to be upgrades reflecting general preferences, does that mean the masses want a rowdier and more raucous experience of life these days? Maybe part of the explanation is, with all the stimuli and noise surrounding us we've simply become desensitized that we have to be shaken quite a bit to differentiate our theme park visits from our everyday lives.

I've always been hypervigilant so thrill rides have never been my thing (I appreciate the story-driven Disney theme park attractions any day over anything designed to scare riders half to death), but since many people I know have gotten more sensitive in that their empathy has increased in even just the last year alone, I am curious--what do fellow empaths feel when on a tremulous, wild theme park attraction?

I hope you're enjoying your ride through life!

With my cousin, Rikki, at Universal CityWalk Hollywood in 2005.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I never believed working at conventional jobs is the only way to live well... fact, in my experience and from what I've seen in many other people's realities, working for someone to pay the bills more often than not does just that--pay the bills.

And after that, there's not much else to life. Little joys here and there do surface, but your time is never quite your own and you may be short on energy to do the things that really, truly make your heart soar.

I am fully aware that despite subscribing to this philosophy, I've lived through moments when I appeared to be very financially challenged, not having a place to sleep for nights at a time and whatnot. Ironically however. these were the times I held a job and spent most of my time working, only to live hand to mouth.

On the other hand, the periods in my life when I was blessed with greater abundance all happened when I worked for no one but myself.

See, when I was feeling vulnerable I gave my power away to the concept that many seem to espouse. It goes something along these lines: "You have to work. It doesn't matter what job you get or if you don't like the jobs that are currently available to you. What matters is you do have a job so you can fend for yourself and are doing something with your life." And because I was feeling uncertain of myself then, I'd get a job even though deep inside it felt like something was terribly wrong.

While I have nothing but respect for folks who want to better the quality of their lives honestly and with integrity, I also know that breaking our backs for money to survive is not the only way we can be well provided for and pretty content with our lives. I've observed in my own life and in the lives of a growing number that we can spend our time the way we want to--with loved ones or indulging in our craft or artwork, for instance--AND have our material concerns more than taken care of as well.

I know that many may still resist this concept, but more and more are certainly actually LIVING it already nowadays instead of just dreaming about it. I won't go into figures and statistics here, but as people feel greater dissatisfaction with an economy they can't rely on to stay stable for their financial well-being, the ratio of people who are self-employed or who no longer depend on an employer to "pay the bills" keeps growing (why not do research to back this up though if you are interested in the subject matter?).

For further related reading, I HIGHLY recommend Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. This isn't a paid endorsement; I genuinely practice the principles the author shares in the book and they work way more than well enough for me. I'm not trying to convince you of anything, nor am I saying that this is the only way that will work for everybody. I just feel inspired to put my experiences out into the world in case anyone who can benefit and is ready for exactly what I offer is out there, simply waiting to stumble upon it.

Who knows--in the future, I very well may facilitate workshops and events centered on my personal version of the Busting Loose approach, based off of my first-hand experiences. If you are interested in attending something like this or even simply learning more, please let me know and I will find a way to get the word out to you. We might start off with more blogs like these or vlogs on YouTube, if not both.

In any case, it brings me great pleasure to interact in some way with like-minded spirits who are ready and willing to lead their most beautiful lives yet!

Sending you lots of ♥ and ☮,

I heard from many different people when I was younger that my love for beauty and The Arts was impractical and that I should focus on other things--guess what; others only have so much power over you as you give them. ;)

Yesterday Today

I'm about to get ready to film my next makeup tutorial, but thought I'd post a blog entry first so I can share my previous video with any of you vintage style lovers who have yet to subscribe to my YouTube channel (which is 100% FREE by the way!).

This is a little tribute of mine to Pamela Courson, who was The Doors' frontman Jim Morrison's longtime partner. I enjoy Jim's poetry, as well as the music of The Doors, hence my interest in Pam.

I won't go into the backstories and rumors involving the lovely redhead and her involvement with Jim here; what do many of us in the here and now know anyway about what really happened and if any of the sordid tales some have told are true...?

All I know is, I've always liked Pam's look and her fashion sense (Jim even got her a boutique to run/play with on La Cienega Boulevard in what is now West Hollywood), so for a while now she's been on my list of videos to make of women whose style inspires me.

Finally, here's the video--and this is just my first 1960s-themed one, so stay tuned for lots more. I will be filming makeup tutorials based on looks from other decades too if the sixties aren't exactly your cup of tea; just sit tight if you found my other videos enjoyable and/or useful.

I won't be neglecting looks from today either. If I like a certain present day celebrity's makeup style, I'll do my own version as an offshoot of it to share with those of you always on the lookout for makeup application ideas.

The very next vid I'm putting together for instance is one of those. Curious? ;)

If so, I'd love it if you return soon to see what I came up with. I'll be back in a day or two at the most. Thanks for joining me for this little update!



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wearable 1920s-Inspired Makeup and My Next Tutorial

Here is the finished product of the tutorial I was hinting at in my previous blog entry.

If you are a fan of retro and vintage style, you can see the video for this very wearable Louise Brooks-inspired look right here:

As for what's coming up next on my YouTube channel, here's a clue:

All but my closest friends and family may not have any idea of what I'm going for just based off of the photo above; at this point, even I am not quite done planning the tutorial, but I'm feeling inspired to film it when I wake up tomorrow. I'm excited, but also a teeny tiny bit nervous, because I empathize with the individual I am using as my inspiration for this particular video and want to leave viewers with a healthy curiosity about her--she isn't super famous, but I do think she's very beautiful both inside and out regardless of hearsay and whatnot.

I'm going now so I can wipe off the day's makeup and get a good amount of (beauty) sleep to recharge me for this, my upcoming project.

Thank you for stopping by today and always. I'm glad you enjoy my artsy contributions!

Love to all,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And my next makeup tutorial is...

Me at home, getting into character for my next makeup tutorial

Tomorrow, or the next day I film a video for my YouTube channel, I am doing a wearable retro makeup look for my viewers and subscribers who appreciate that aspect of my work.

By "wearable," I mean I'll make sure that the look isn't too dramatic so as to be costumey. I'll keep the feel from decade, but will not put on what I deem will make the wearer feel as though she should be at a Halloween party instead of out with friends or on a date.

I won't let you in yet on my inspiration for the look so that it stays a surprise until the video is actually ready, but suffice it to say that I sometimes want to cut my waist-length hair into the bobbed hairstyle she made famous in her day. (At the moment, I don't think I will just because I've told myself that long hair can be styled in so many more ways than short hair, but gee--as I am discovering, I can change the way my hair looks any time really, with the help of my new friends of various lengths and colors. You can see one of my buddies in the picture above, if you want to know what I mean.)

I will be taking leave for now, but do stay tuned to my blog and YouTube channel if you love vintage looks. I'll keep the steps of my upcoming tutorial as easy as I can manage for even beginners to makeup application.

Until next time,

A photo of an Old Hollywood look I created for Halloween 2009. See the tutorial HERE

Gaga Over Makeup

My sweetheart was nice enough (hahaha!) to get me MAC's Viva Glam Gaga lipstick yesterday. He liked the Cyndi one--named after Cyndi Lauper; Gaga is Lady Gaga's lipstick namesake--much more, but what can I say... I LOVE pink.

Actually, I really liked the coral red Cyndi lip color too when I swatched it on my hand, so I see no problem adding it to my makeup kit as well.

I enjoy playing with makeup; once upon a time, paintings, sculptures and other old school art forms were pretty much all there was to rely on for entertainment and communication, but in this computer age I find makeup application a practical and fun outlet for my creative juices.

Since childhood, I've come across people with issues relating to makeup and beauty. I've heard it said for instance that makeup is only for the "ugly" ones, and that you don't have to touch it if you're already naturally attractive. My ears have also picked up on makeup being associated with words like "slut," "whore," "dumb," and the like.


How amusing it is to me that we give so much power to something that can be washed off at any time. Makeup may create the illusion that someone is more pleasant to look at, with perhaps assets like wider open eyes and fuller lips, but in knowing that, we can simply use it as a plaything (click the bold words for an old video from yours truly!), while keeping in mind that the results aren't real so we don't become dependent on it and can function without it.

Regardless of whether you have so-called flaws you want to minimize with the help of cosmetics or not, you can play with makeup and be a different character from day to day or whenever you feel like it. Like a lot of other things in life you may not think twice about--for some, it's clothing and for others it may be their house or their car, for example--makeup is a toy.

Not everyone is called to be a professional makeup artist or beautician of some sort, but why not have fun with different shades of lipstick and eyeshadow if you use makeup as it is? Why bother putting on that lip color you've been using for ten years if it doesn't flatter you to begin with?

If you're buying it and putting it on anyway (which I assume is because you want to look like an enhanced version of yourself), wouldn't you rather have fun with makeup and apply it in such a way that becomes you?

...because otherwise, if getting creative with your image is something you only think you should be doing but it doesn't actually inspire you, you might as well step out into the world without a stitch of makeup on your fresh-scrubbed face. Then you can devote your energy to what does uplift you.

As for the Lady Gagas of the world, makeup is a medium through which personal expression becomes a broader field. After all, before Gaga even opens her mouth to sing or say anything, her painted face on any given day already gives us an indication of what she is, or what she wants us to think she is, at the moment.

Lipstick kisses,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

It's been said before that "There is nothing new under the sun."

Even the bangs from retro rockabilly and pin-up hairstyles weren't first worn in the 1940s and 50s, as they already made an appearance on both men's and women's foreheads back in Ancient Egypt.

I adore retro and vintage styles in general and am getting ready to post makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel inspired by a few personalities whose looks I think are stunning or pretty, regardless of the era.

My makeup nook--where I'll be filming my videos and applying makeup on clients--is coming together still as I type this, so thanks for being patient; I am really excited for my little station to finally be ready, and it will be soon! In the meantime, I may film other videos just so we won't have to wait for a new one if the nook isn't quite finished yet.

In other news, I'm enjoying my move back to my city quite nicely. There's a whole lot more to do than where I lived prior, so my sweetheart and I have been keeping busy. After we've gotten settled in a little bit more, I'll let you in on some of our activities you might find interesting. Here's a clue as to one of them: Have you ever had flashbacks of or strong feelings about other times and places you've never been to or lived in?

I'll leave you with that for now. Take care of yourself and have an awesome day!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Coming to You from Los Angeles

I've finally arrived at my new home today. Of course, a lot of unpacking will need to be done, and there will have to be some decorating as well before my new house can become a home, so to speak.

However, the process excites me because the journey IS the destination.

Even though I've had a home I didn't share with anyone but my sweetheart prior to this, I didn't decorate it because it didn't feel like we were going to be there for very long.

This time, it's a different story; as a teaser for anyone who follows my YouTube videos, I now live in an authentic 1920s building that's been restored and maintained by the property owner, so yay! I have an awesome new backdrop to film my home videos from. And since all around me are historic and other attractive spots, I'll see what I can do as well about filming vlogs regarding locations that appeal to me.

If you reside in the Los Angeles area and enjoy my videos or my work, you may want to come to a workshop I am tentatively calling "Be Your Own Makeup Artist" sometime within 2010. I am also available for one-on-one lessons, so you're more than welcome to get in touch with me if knowing how to apply your makeup flatteringly is one of your priorities or makes a huge difference in your line of work. It thrills me to meet anyone who approaches life and its nooks and crannies as an art rather than just plain routine!

Thanks for stopping by today. I'll be back with more updates and news of upcoming projects really soon.

At Madame Tussauds Hollywood with Jennifer Aniston's wax likeness.

Signing off from Tinseltown,