Friday, October 22, 2010

Some of my most favorite tutorials... create are those with an Old Hollywood theme.

I already have a bunch, which you can see by clicking HERE, and I intend to continue posting videos of that sort once Halloween is through.

Come to think of it, I've squeezed a few of them in despite there being a greater demand for All Hallows' Eve tutorials at this time of year. There are at least a couple more that I am about to upload with a combined Old Hollywood-Halloween motif.

One that you can look forward to is a look I am calling "Marilyn Monroe's Ghost," which is essentially Marilyn Monroe makeup in (mostly) grayscale. Pair it with an elegant outfit in either black, gray, silver, white, or off-white to complete the look of a faded Marilyn.

As I write this, I have yet to post the video, so stay tuned for it on my YouTube channel if the concept sounds appealing to you.

'Til next time,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Snow White and Wicked Queen Costumes for Halloween

Click HERE to see the tutorial with my mom as the Queen from Snow White

No, I didn't film a tutorial for a Snow White look. :)

What I'm suggesting is, how about dressing up as the Queen, while your daughter or niece dresses up as Snow White?

Since a little girl wearing a Snow White outfit doesn't need makeup to be recognizable as the character she's portraying, all you need now is to look like the Queen. Once you've got the costume--and perhaps a shiny red apple as a prop--you can complete your look with the makeup. The steps are posted on my YouTube channel, along with a growing list of videos especially for Halloween or a costume party.

This is just a little "hello" before I go about my day. I'll see you again soon!

Take care,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Disney-Inspired Halloween Looks

As I type this, I am about to film a tutorial focused on the makeup of a villain from a Disney feature film. I'll be using a model for this particular video, so I'm off to get my stuff ready.

I just wanted to post a quick blog as an update in case anyone out there is still exploring possibilities on what to be come October 31st.

Also, speaking of Disney, I just posted a very easy to create Alice in Wonderland look on my YouTube channel. Here it is:

I'll be back before you know it!