Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seeing What's Beautiful

I have a secret to share with you.

I used to trivialize beauty.

I've had phases where I'd go out in old, ratty clothes and my house slippers (even when I had more money than I ever had) because I had issues about putting my best self out in the open for all to see.

This wasn't because I didn't know there was anything of real worth or value in beauty; on the contrary, it was because beauty has always mattered to me immensely but I felt "bad" somehow for being wired that way.

Growing up, I was exposed to ways of thinking that minimized beauty's importance. Having Art as a college major was frowned upon for instance, and being open about wanting to look nice was seen as vain, like some kind of sin almost. You could look good of course, but heaven forbid it didn't come effortlessly.

My people-pleasing self back in those days felt like it could only survive in such a world by catching the least possible attention. If I was noticed for something most everyone else seemed to value, such as academic accomplishments, that was all right--I just couldn't let on that I liked anything other than what that society deemed worthwhile. What kid doesn't want to just fit in and be accepted, or at the very least be left alone rather than bullied or questioned?

Now that I have been on the planet for 30 years however, I have lived long enough to discover that there is more peace in accepting who I am. Following my inner compass is what leads to my personal bliss, which in turn gives joy to those who are meant to be helped by what I put out into the world.

We all have different missions on Earth, so there is no need to attempt to fulfill a purpose not your own. Someone else will take care of that.

You don't ever have to be what you're not.

Your beauty as an individual comes from your unique configuration, which is where your particular strengths lie as well.

As for me, I've finally come out of the closet where I was hiding my love for beauty (among other things, which I'll probably blog about at a later time). Tangible beauty after all is one of the most amazing parts of the human experience. To begin with, Mother Nature is filled with such stunning sights for all to partake of!

Besides, even if beauty isn't one of your priorities in this lifetime, I'm sure that many won't deny how it helps to have clean and pleasant surroundings to work in and sleep in. To give another example, when we consciously pick friends, we want those who have traits we consider beautiful and appealing.

To become more of a genuinely beautiful person from the inside-out, acknowledge all that you find lovely in life.

What's beautiful in your world today?


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