Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 of My Favorite Tutorials From 2010

While I could easily go over five, I'll keep the list short for brevity's sake.

In just over five months from now, I will be on YouTube for two years. Even if what I'm basically doing there is uploading videos of what I personally enjoy in case there are those who might be inspired, or get some ideas from what I post (in other words, being a famous YouTuber with a huge following is not my motivation for this), I'm still grateful.

Here's a toast to the past year, and to any more to come where I decide to continue doing this...!

In no particular order, below are five looks I loved creating tutorials for in 2010.

...and, since the TRON tutorials are inspired by the same movie, I am making both my videos with that theme my number 5 here.

Thanks for joining me for this mini commemoration of the year that was. I hope your 2011 is spiffy so far. ;)


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