Friday, January 28, 2011

On Red Lips

When I was thirteen going on fourteen, I was in a beauty pageant for teenagers. I used pink lipstick whenever I made myself up for pageant events, because I felt it was fresh and youthful, basically age-appropriate.

However, the pageant organizer, who hailed from the days of perfectly coiffed and made up old school film stars, always told me to put some lipstick on.

What he meant, of course, was to put RED lipstick on.

After all, despite its status in the distant past as something that painted ladies put on to appear more enticing to customers, red lipstick had become a classy classic--an accessory that could make a woman look pulled together and dressed up, even if she wore no other makeup.

While I've grown to appreciate this item of makeup, I also still love wearing pink and nude lip shades. As a makeup artist especially, why choose only one color?

Blowing you lipstick kisses,

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