Monday, January 31, 2011

Nude Lips

As I recounted in my previous blog post, a lip color other than red or its many variations doesn't make sense to some.

And who can blame them, what with red being a popular go-to lipstick shade for centuries now?

But for those of us who enjoy experimenting with different looks and effects, paler hues on our lips are definitely an option. After all--and I am only speaking for myself here--I don't always want a super attention-catching color on my lips, nor do I wish to pair bold eyes with equally bold lips all the time.

I've filmed a tutorial with quick tips on wearing a nude lip for anyone who has yet to try it, or who has already tried it but didn't quite like it. Maybe if you gave it another shot and did a couple of things differently this time, you'll find the results more to your liking.

For now, I'm signing off to go to bed. Here's to a great night... or whatever time of day it is where you are.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Click HERE to see the tutorial

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